High costs for herd health? Good news, good news indeed!



The strategic objective of every dairy farm, as everybody knows, is the containment of production costs.


Of course, the profitability can be increased by selling more milk o more animals, but minimally.


On increasing the quantity produced, in general, there is little to say: it is obvious that is a dead end (at least in Italy),  except for farmers that are able to create particular niches.


Higher milk prices? They are desirable, even probable in the next future, but it’s not from here that it can be expected a significant help for your wallet.


So is the “production cost territory” that should be explored.


Among the most important point to focus at, a big one is related to the cost of health of the herd. Between a farm and another, the impact on the costs of drugs on liter of milk produced varies, and it varies significantly.


There are companies that spend twice or three times more than others.


This is good news for those who spend more. Indeed, an excellent news.


Because it means that, for this not insignificant group, the recovery in profitability margins is wider.


As the archaeologist who from one track take an historical route and discover the treasure, so those who spend most on drugs have a well-defined path of improvement to follow.


Each treatment done in a dairy farm – for those who want to see and know how to see – is an explicit message that the bovine or the herd are sending to the farmer about a problem.


Energy shortage, lack of facilities, poor hygiene, and so on.


To name a few.


If treatment with postpartum calcium is systematic and not sporadic, perhaps it is the case to reflect a little about how you handled the peripartum period. If treatments for mastitis do bleed the budget, the message that pop up – the one that the cows are sending you – is to better investigate dry-off management, hygiene litter, milking practices.


And like this, the examples are many.


Each clinical problem that occurs in the herd is not just a situation to settle with a treatment, but an open invitation to go further on the road of improvement.


Especially if the cases are many, if your herd problems are greater than those of other farms, if what your farm spends on drugs is much more than what the virtuous farms spend.


So, while waiting for an increase on milk price, concentrate the work to become a member of the virtuous category on drugs spending.


Is tantamount to get a milk price rise, and it is a rise everyone can get by himself.


This increase it will be higher the higher is what you spend on drugs for the cows. That’s why if you spend much now it’s a good news.


The difference between those who spend more and those who spends less is a reserve of money to be regained by means of management.






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