Welcome Italian Farming Style


The Italian dairy production is a unique model throughout the world.


Why so?


First of all the excellence of italian food, which needs milk and meat of the highest quality, that can be achieved only with an utmost attention in the farm. And all this is achieved day by day in a variety of situations regarding climate and soils which has not equal in the world.


All this, togheter with the tipically italian ingenuity, has create an unique italian way of management in the dairy production. An Italian Farming Style – made of farmers, technicians and technology – which finds estimators around the world.


Oh, yes: Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano (just to name a few, but Italy is full of wonderful cheeses), are Renaissance masterpieces, Giotto’s or Michelangelo’s ingenuity applied to dairy production (by the way: do you know that the Parmigiano Reggiano and Grano Padano production started with christians monks in the medieval age? None talking about TTIP at that time).


Simply perfection.


But you have to look more in depht and see what there’s behind such astonishing cheeses: an italian way of dairy production that rely on a unique know-how, forged by a variety of climate, crops, situations (from Alps to Sicily) that makes Italy an incredible microworld, where you can find every situation you could find around the world: cold, heat, drought, snow, humidity, high cost of land, fertile land, poor land…).


From the forage production to the wellness in the farm, from the techonolgy of milking to the herd management, the variety of italian landscape and climate situations is the variety of the world.


This is the challenging scenario that trains every italian technician. And due the fact that the italian way of production is an expensive one (cold, heat, drought and so on, already said above) the only possibility to survive is to be smart and try to generate more value.


That’s why the Italian Farming Style can give answers to what agricolture of the 21th century ask for: food security, sustainability, respect to the enviroment and generation of a higher value from dairy production.

And not only in Italy.









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